About us

Our adventure began in the summer of 1996 when we welcomed the first couple of our guests.


The idea was born in August of the previous year thanks to a passer-by who happened to stop and ask if there were any rooms available for the night.


That night he did not find the much sought-after room, he did however, before leaving, unknowingly give us the brilliant idea of starting this business.


From then on, our home became “Villa Chiara” and turned into a comfortable spot for spending holidays near the best Italian amusement parks, just a couple of steps away from Lake Garda.


During these years we have always strived to welcome in the best way possible all the guests who decided to stay at our home, even if only for one night. With a simple and professional approach we have been accepting anyone who comes to visit us as a member of the “Family”.


A few years ago we also managed to extend our tourist offer by opening “Da Giorgio”, which now enables us to provide cosy apartments that feature all the comforts of your own home.


Many years have passed since 1996 but we are still here, with a smile and ready to welcome anyone who wishes to visit Lake Garda and meet our family.


Enjoy your holidays!